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For questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me at ben@benrmorgan.com.

If you aren't a GitHub user you can e-mail me any bugs you find or features you want. For a prompt response, please keep issue reports concise and include screenshots with instructions on how to reproduce the problem.


I love to work with others on new projects or to improve on old ones! To suggest something, use the navigation menu on the bottom of every webpage on my site and click the GitHub cat or click here.

To ask me to do something like fix a bug or create a new feature, navigate to the issues tab in any of my repositories and click "New Issue". Then, select the template that fits your needs!

GitHub users can help influence my projects' development directly by coding themselves! You may do this using Pull Requests. For more information on Pull Requests, read GitHub's help article.

Social Media

LinkedIn : Benjamin Morgan

Facebook : Ben Morgan

Instagram : @ben.morgan01

Steam : Pr06r4mm3r